Chef Ryan Andre Redefining what Baton Rouge will try

Some board a plane, others take the train, but Chef Ryan Andre travels the world via whisk and Wi-Fi. The Gonzales native credits the power of online media, from Instagram and Facebook to YouTube and Netflix, for both global recipe inspiration and quick feedback from the Baton Rouge hungry as he masterminds new dishes and shares with his social network.

Now corporate chef of City Pork Hospitality (encompassing City Pork Charcuterie & Deli and the City Pork Brasserie & Bar; a third concept, City Pork Kitchen & Pie, announced its closing in mid-August 2017), Andre helms two restaurants proudly particular to the capital city, and not its more food-forward regional neighbors. Each menu update at the popular Brasserie, the more innovative of the two City Porks, is an indication of what interests the chef and what the majority of Baton Rouge is willing to see on their plates now, from Wild Boar Flautas to Char-Siu Pork and Chimichurri Wagyu Flank; the mantle is one Andre is happy to wear. We spoke recently about his deferred career as a plant operator, the Asian inspiration on the Brasserie menu, and challenging local palates. Find excerpts below.